Building the Online Repository

Welcome to one of many exploratory hypertext about the built world. We will excerpt from the Sustasis patterns for growing regions making them the seeds for a web of related work that you will write.

# Practice

Get ready to edit by rearranging this practice list of My Favorite Things. Your changes will stay in your browser for now. Later we will show how to share your best work. You might save this exercise until you are reading on a laptop with a keyboard.

# Experiment

Here is a pattern you may know. Have a look. Does it seem familiar? Add a street you know to the list we have already started. We'll help.

Wiki makes links by enclosing titles in double square brackets. Double-click the white space beside the above link to see this markup. Type ctrl/alt-s to return to normal.

Double-click any street in our list of favorites. Then press enter to start a new entry. Type the short street name in double square brackets to make it a link.

# Explore

We've organized this work into small collections of patterns that complement each other while they build on earlier patterns and prepare for later ones.

You can search for patterns using keywords in the search box below. Find your own work in Local Changes.

# Extend

You are welcome to revise or supplement the patterns you find here. Or, you can add new patterns to a section or even new sections. Just edit the table of contents.

We offer templates we use for sections and patterns. Your work will merge better with others if you follow our guidelines. You can add supplemental material on blank pages of your own design.


More about making and using Pattern Diagrams

More about publishing options with Sustasis or otherwise.