Walkable Streetscape

Make streets safe for pedestrians and welcoming too.

There are many potential conflicts between pedestrians and other forms of movement, as well as potential conflicts between pedestrian needs and the needs of adjacent building users.


Assure that every streetscape along an avenue, greenway corridor or multi-way boulevard is walkable, by providing adequate width for pedestrian travel in addition to space for seating and space for planting and light poles.

When along the Avenue, Greenway Corridor and Multi-Way Boulevard there is a need to provide for Walkable Multi-Mobility.

Then line the streetscape wherever possible with Perimeter Buildings, and elsewhere place pedestrian-friendly visual elements such as trellises, pergolas, vegetation and other attractive screens. Provide Human-Scale Detail including architectural and urban elements, along the length of the streetscape.


Visit some of our favorite streets.

Northwest 23rd Ave -- bustling

Southeast 2nd Ave -- safe passage